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"What the hands learn, the mind cannot forget"
"Videndo cognosco, Cognosciendo video"
(Seeing, I understand; understanding, I see.)

PineWoodDerbyWorkshop on the Bus is "the bus way in the world to build your child's competitive race car in a quick, safety-oriented three-hour session.

We have all the tools, all the paints, the weights, the lubricants, the decals you need.  We have calibrated electronic scales to bring your builder's car to the maximum legal weight.

Everything you need is aboard the Shop Bus, even a spare kit if you leave yours at home.

Click the Calendar link to find the date and session that fits your schedule.  Register and pay online - one slot for each car y'all are going to build . . . and don't forget to schedule a slot build your own "Outlaw" car.

You only need to reserve a slot for each car you plan to build.  
You are going to love this new shop/bus. 
     E-mail or call me to schedule a bus visit to your Pack
     meeting or to bring the bus to your Round Table

In the Dallas, Texas, area we are based at 
    The Nor'kirk Presbyterian Church
    3915 N. Josey Lane, in Carrollton. 
This is a central location everyone can find.

If you would like to schedule a building event to your Den or Pack, call me at 214/789-0359 to finalize details.  You would need to reserve all the slots available that day (nine during the school week, or thirty-six on weekends and holidays).

WindWalkerCamp Summer Road Trip

Session 1 starts 14 June

 Session 2 starts 9 August

Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

     We pile a herd of boys on the bus and haul freight for Civil War battle-fields - we listen to the CD tour guides, we walk the fields, we work to understand the Union and Confederate leaders' points of view as well as those of the men walking those roads.  I am a Vietnam-era Navy Veteran . . . I do not glorify war and combat; I want the guys to understand what was going on and how it affected their peers then and what effects of that war we are still experiencing today.

     After surveying history, we hunker down for a little geology - actually speleology - by touring a few caverns. The Arkansas/Missouri karst is riddled with caves and underground lakes and rivers.  Yes; will will follow the nice people in the clean uniforms and stay on the lighted paths, AND there are a few that will reserve some wild caving time where we can get down and dirty in the mud and the marl and the water.  Of course we have multiple light sources and gloves to protect both ourselves and the cave and clean drinking water. But we are going to get flat-smooth dirty -- and go under a garden hose before we get back on the bus.

     Then there's the Daisy Airgun Museum in Rogers where everyone will pick up his own "Red Ryder BB Gun" to plink cans and paper targets with.  We will also take time one evening, before that stop, to build a wood case to carry it safely and securely in.  I am a trained BB gun instructor . . . we will set up a fifteen- and a twenty-five foot range to shoot safely on.  When we're not on the range, the BB gun is in the box.

     OK.  After history on the ground and speleology under the ground, we book on over to a couple of aviation museums to check out what's happening above the ground.  

For planning purposes, here's the bottom line . . .

Road Trip Reservation
Session 1
June 14-27      $1700-$2175       

Road Trip Reservation
Session 2
August 9-22      $1700-$2175

Spring Break 
Monday - Friday
8:00 - 5:30
9-13 March 2015

Build and Fly a Payload-carrying Rocket
    returns on a parachute
Build and Fly a Boost-Glider
    launch as rocket; return as glider
Build and Fly an Itty-Bitty-Rocket
    tumbles out of the sky
Build and Fly an actual Balsa Glider that
    you glue together, and balance and get 
    to fly right.  
Build a couple of    
Road trip in the smaller bus to whichever
      aviation museum has the best exhibit
      that week.  There are a dozen in the
      area, and I'm checking them all out.

Pizza or Hamburger Lunch every day
Fresh Fruit Snacks

And it's all on the big Shop Bus!

$425 "Early-Bird" (reserve before 2/21)
$450 "Bring a Buddy"
$550 "Last Minute"
Click on "Reservations" link for details.

OPTION; If your group or company wants to reserve the entire session, we can reposition the Shop Bus and bring the Spring Break Camp to your area.  (Please call me at 214/789-0359 regarding access to electrical power and an open area such as a football field for flying rockets.) 

Reserve your slot now for Build-Your-Buns-Off Spring Break Camp!

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